The Carousel

Rosamunde Pilcher

The Carousel

Cena: 13,35 

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Book description

          Celebrate life’s journeys with the beloved author whose stories of life and love have touched the world. Return to the sun-drenched settings of "The Shell Seekers "and the rich emotion of "Coming Home, "as Rosamunde Pilcher takes you on an unforgettable journey of the heart.

          It is the passage of a young woman from a relationship that has become too tame and predictable to the excitement of a new life brimming with possibilities and the thrilling promise of love. And along the way, all the hopes, secrets, and desires that enrich us unite a joyous carousel of life that only Rosamunde Pilcher can create.

          Prue is intelligent, artistic, independent – and bored. Pressurized by her mother to make a conventional and dull marriage, she escapes London, retreating to her aunt’s house in Cornwall. On the beach there, she meets a young attractive artist and determines to discover what troubles him.

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