The Devil You Know

Louise Bagshawe

The Devil You Know

Cena: 14,85 

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Book description

          Three women are determined to get exactly what they want. But they share a secret that will unite them in a way they could never have imagined….

          Rose Fiorello has nothing – except a blistering hatred of Rothsteins, the New Yorj property developer that crushed her father’s business. When she meets the sexy, arrogant heir to the Rothstein fortune, revenge is within reach.

          Poppy Allen is the perfect LA society princess – but she craves the thrill of rock 'n 'roll. She doesn’t want to be the star, she wants to be the star-maker, wheeling and dealing her way to the top.

          Plump, bullied Daisy Markham devours blockbuster novels as an escape from the English boarding school she hates – until she finds a far better way to change her life….

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