The Warlords of Nin

Stephen Lawhead

The Warlords of Nin

Cena: 11,50 

Stan książki
średni/wyraźne zużycie (zagniecenia na okładce, pożółkłe strony)
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Liczba stron
Rok wydania

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Book description

          In the second volume of "The Dragon King Saga" Quentin again holds the kingdom’s destiny in his hands. Each night the Wolf Star looms larger as the power of Nin the Destroyer grows, spreading black terror. Can the young prince defeat this new enemy? 

          In Mensandor’s evening sky, the Wolf Star fiercely gleams, a baleful eye beholding the end of the age. Across the southern lands sweep the armies of a grim and terrible foe: Nin the Destroyer, merciless, invincible. Summoned from his studies in the ancient city of Dekra, Quentin sets forth on a perilous journey to open the prophetic path for a coming deliverer — the Priest-King who will wield the blazing sword Zhaligkeer and usher in the heralded age of light. 

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