Play Better Golf with Hale Irwin, United States Open Champion

Play Better Golf with Hale Irwin, United States Open Champion

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Book description

Know your game
How do you shape up?
On the practice ground
Swing thoughts and style
The driver and long game
The medium and short game
Pitching and chipping
The art of putting
Playing from sand traps
Bad lies and trouble shots
Strategy on and off the course
Equipment: choose carefully

     If golf is so straightforward why can’t I hit the ball with any consistency? This anguished cry comes from the soul of every golfer at some stage. Well here, in this superbly illustrated book, Hale Irwin, one of golf’s most gifted and distinguished performers, explains concisely and accurately why so many golfers are faced with such problems. With many victories, including two outstanding US Open titles to his credit, Hale Irwin has condensed his vast knowledge of golf into succinct and practical advice which, combined with more than 200 lavish illustrations and photographs, has produced an immensely readable and constructive golf handbook suitable for every golfer, of both sexes, whether a novice or an accomplished player. This book guides the reader from the comfort and security of his armchair to the practice ground and then onto the course. It covers, in detail, all eventualities from the long to the short game, including trouble shots, and then leads onto the green and the art of putting. Finally, Hale Irwin deals with the strategy of golf and he explains how the planned and thoughtful approach is an integral part of the winning formula. Throughout you will find Hale Irwin uses his own experience on the tournament circuit to highlight the critical elements of playing better golf.

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