An Introduction to Sociology: Second Edition (duży format)

Ken Browne

An Introduction to Sociology: Second Edition (duży format)

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Book description

          Thoroughly revised and fully updated, An Introduction to Sociology gives concise yet comprehensive coverage of all the topics specified by the GCSE examining boards. The second edition was described by the AQA’s Chief Examiner for GCSE Sociology as establishing 'the standard for textbooks at this level’ – this new edition builds on the book’s existing achievements.

          New material is found throughout the book, including substantive new sections on gender, identity, citizenship, education, new social movements, poverty and the welfare state, religion, the mass media, work and leisure, and population. The book has been carefully designed to support and extend students’ learning. Each chapter begins with a summary of the key issues to be covered, and goes on to highlight important terms, which are then explained in a clear glossary. Summaries at the end of each chapter, a lively range of new activities and discussion points, the use of websites, as well as helpful suggestions for coursework, all add to the book’s value as a learning and teaching resource. Student-friendly cartoons, tables, diagrams, and photographs – and the re-designed internal lay-out – also enliven the text, making sociology seem exciting and relevant to students of all interests and abilities.

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