From CV to Shortlist: Job Hunting for Professionals

Tony Vickers

From CV to Shortlist: Job Hunting for Professionals

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Book description

          A job for life as a thing of the past. Although this may a daunting prospect for some, it opens up a huge range of opportunities in the job market for the ambitious professional.

          This valuable job search guide for professionals outlines the key issues affecting the workplace as we approach the new millennium. Offering sound advice, information and support, From CV to Shortlist will help you to:

– create a successful job search programme
– use on-line job search tools
– develop your transferable job skills
– enhance your employability

          Written in a lively and accessible style, this practical book will show you how to market yourself and continue to learn as you work. Flexibility and a wide skills base are essential to your employability, and this book shows you how to achieve and use both. It will enable you to get ahead in the increasingly turbulent and unpredictable workplace.

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