How to Double Your Profits Within the Year: An Action Plan for Your Business

John Fenton

How to Double Your Profits Within the Year: An Action Plan for Your Business

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Book description

          How to double your profits within the year. Seems impossible, doesn’t it?

          But try it for yourself. The author, John Fenton, has put together a programme of improvements, applicable to all tyoes of business, which will help you to at least double your profits within twelve months. You will see how each of his suggestions for improvements can be applied to your company, to your own circumstances. In the few hours it will take you to read the book you will be convinced that the title’s claim is a modest understatement.

          The programme of improvements is presented in a unique way. Fictional but highly practical, the whole book is an extended memorandum, an "action plan", written by the managing director of an imaginary company to his team of top managers. It shows how a very wide range of business activities can be improved, adapted, trimmed or simply better managed, so as to make an improved contribution to overall company profitability. Just to give a few examples, it shows you how you can

– choose which customers contribute most to your profitability
– recruit the right people
– improve production efficiency
– price for maximum profit
– set your advertising budget
– control your sales force

          The author deals with 24 other "treatment" areas in addition to these. Why wait any longer? Roll up your sleeves and have a go.

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