Great Answers to Tough Marketing Questions (duży format)

P. R. Smith

Great Answers to Tough Marketing Questions (duży format)

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Book description

          Refreshingly easy to read – and use – 'Great Answers to Tough Marketing Questions’ provides a mix of challenging, intriguing and entertaining questions. The accompanying illuminating answers are guaranteed to give your skills and knowledge an immediate boost. 

          Whether you’re a first-time manager, a student of marketing or even a seasoned practitioner, you’ll find Paul Smith’s original, fast-paced approach inspiring. Spot-on answers reveal both practical solutions and deeper insights into every aspect of the marketing discipline. 

          You’ll find out: 
– why so much marketing is bad marketing
– how to produce a winning marketing plan
– why every marketing mix is unique
– how to integrate the new media; how to do low-cost market research
– which are the most powerful and proven techniques
– what the big players can teach us
– and much, much more. 


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