Future Wealth: The Direction of Future Fortunes (większy format)

Lance Spicer

Future Wealth: The Direction of Future Fortunes (większy format)

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Book description

           An amazing book that tells you what your broker won’t or can’t, which companies should you invest in to take advantage of the technological changes going on in the world right now and why you should invest in them. There is no hype in Future Wealth – just common sense and facts! 

          Have you ever thought to yourself, "why couldn’t I have had shares in that company"?

          This is the book that helps make that happen. A massive amount of research has gone into producing the book you’ve always wanted, one that more or less predicts the future and informs you which industries are set to boom, which companies you should consider and where future fortunes will be made. Future Wealth takes the consensus of opinions of economists, company analysts, industry experts and investors and gives you definitive answers and strategies to follow.

          Future Wealth is easy to read and entertaining.

          Future Wealth book examines:
Future economics and the biggest boom in history, but are you missing it?
The High Tech Age
The New Network Organisation and how it will effect you
The Internet in the Future
Internet Companies, are they more than just a bunch of Dot Coms? 

          We also look at the industries that will undergo great change in the next few years and how you can profit by it. Industries like Biotechnology, Media, Retailing, Telecommunications, Software, Hardware, Banking, Semiconductors, Networking and others
We examine the viewpoints of two of the most successful investors in the world, where they put their money and why, and why you should do what they do 

          The Growth Concept of shares and why people pay so much for some of these companies, are they really mad or do they know something you don’t – Future Wealth reveals the answer
The Psychology of the Future Wealth Investor
Where the Rich invest their money 

          The 50 companies that are set to become the household names of the future and what they are really worth, some of these companies are still wildly undervalued – This information is absolutely amazing! There are absolutely no restrictions as far as investing goes, just ring your broker or one we recommend in the book.

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