Goddesses and Angels: Awakening Your Inner High-Priestess and „Source-eress” (duży format)

Doreen Virtue

Goddesses and Angels: Awakening Your Inner High-Priestess and „Source-eress” (duży format)

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Book description

          It’s true—you can spiritually heal; instantly manifest your heart’s desires; and commune with angels, goddesses, fairies, and ascended masters! In this true spiritual adventure story and reference book, Doreen Virtue writes about the enlightened beings who can unlock the magical gifts within you.

          In Part I, you’ll travel with Doreen through a Sedona sweat lodge, the Polynesian island of Moorea, a goddess temple at the Isle of Avalon, and other exotic locations. You’ll read the powerful messages she received from Mother Mary while visiting Lourdes, and you’ll peek over Doreen’s shoulder as she gives psychic readings and receives information about Lemuria, merpeople, and the new Rainbow Children. 
          Part II alphabetically lists and describes the attributes of goddesses and angels in an easy-to-use guide that will help you awaken your innate spiritual abilities.

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